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Resolving Construction And Development Disputes

Last updated on August 22, 2023

Many parties are involved in the creation of a housing development. When parties do not agree on important issues, it can slow down the progress of the development or even derail it altogether, costing key stakeholders significant time and expense.

If you are developer, owner, homeowners’ association (HOA) board member or anyone with interest in construction and development litigation in Connecticut, the attorneys at Bender Anderson and Barba, P.C., are here to protect your rights and interests. With law offices in North Haven, we have extensive experience handling HOA and real estate law matters throughout the state.

Efficiently Resolving Development Issues

There are many pitfalls that can impede the development of a housing project, including:

  • Title defects
  • Boundary line disputes
  • Zoning and land use issues

We are always mindful of the time and expense associated with litigation and strive to resolve our clients’ legal disputes in the most favorable and efficient manner possible.

Construction Defect Litigation

We are well versed in the underlying construction issues that can give rise to development disputes. We can address any issues that arise, including breach of warranty, defective construction materials, and contractor and subcontractor negligence.

Speak With An Experienced Dispute Resolution Attorney Today

Our lawyers are knowledgeable in a variety of dispute resolution methods, from negotiation and mediation to traditional litigation. We will carefully analyze your situation and goals to determine the best course of action for resolving your dispute as efficiently as possible.

To arrange a legal consultation with an experienced attorney in North Haven, contact our law offices online or by telephone at 203-903-1491.