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Can an HOA mandate where people park?

On Behalf of | May 13, 2024 | Real Estate Law

A homeowners’ association can have a serious impact on how people use their own property. The HOA can legally make rules about stylistic or design choices when adding onto a home, for example. They can enforce noise restrictions or have rules about when people can put up decorations.

Often, the goal of an HOA is to create a more uniform neighborhood. The individuals who live there get some shared amenities, which could include something like a tennis court or a pool. They may get services like leaf collection or trash collection. In return, they pay dues to the HOA and they have to follow the specific rules that are set up.

But what about where a person parks their car? Can an HOA make rules for where a homeowner parks, even if they’re on their own property?

An HOA often can control parking

Yes, a homeowners’ association often can make rules about parking. They may also have the power to have vehicles towed if these rules are not being followed. Homeowners may grow frustrated with this process because they feel they should be allowed to park anywhere on their property, but that is not how the regulations in the HOA work.

For example, some HOAs tell residents that they cannot park on the street, but only in the driveway. Others may have restrictions about where trailers, boats and RVs can be parked, such as mandating that they are behind a fence and not out in the open. The HOA may also be able to restrict how many vehicles are parked at a certain house at one time.

As noted above, however, these types of rules do cause disputes and disagreements. It’s important for the HOA to know what legal steps to take.